How it works?


You can choose from a range of ways to follow the diet, whether it’s a full meal replacement, or combining ActiDiet with other meals of your choice. You choose the plan that suits you.

No Nasties

At ActiDiet we’ve taken the science behind some of the world’s most tried and trusted diet plans, but at the same time, we shook it up, threw out the unhealthy stuff (Aspartame, MSG, Artificial Colourings & Genetically Modified ingredients) and offer it direct to your home with the consultation package of your choice.


ActiDiet is formulated to give you all the nutrients the body needs as well as helping you lose weight quickly. This means that by following ActiDiet, you will consume all of your RDAs whilst still getting the full benefit of your body’s natural, fat burning energy systems. Furthermore all of our shakes are now probiotic to help our ActiDieters keep a healthy digestive system.

Proper Meals

You may have tried other meal replacement programmes before. ActiDiet is different! ActiDiet encourages you to eat CHEWABLE FOOD.

We took the next logical step to enhance meal replacement diets by including food you can chew. The incorporation of chewable meals not only ensures the diet is easier to stick to but also ensures that the transition back to eating conventional food is an easy process. During the diet, your stomach will have returned to its normal size and you will have become used to smaller portions satisfying your hunger.

If you chew your food completely before swallowing it, the enzyme-filled saliva in your mouth will have already partially digested your food. In fact, enzymes contained in the saliva can be responsible for digesting as much as 40% of starchy foods before they even reach your stomach!

The act of chewing and releasing saliva also stimulates the body to release the digestive juices in the stomach. Chewing also triggers the initial absorption of nutrients, even whilst the food is still in your mouth!

This means that the incorporation of chewable foods not only makes the diet easier to stick to but also makes for a healthier way of dieting too.

If you follow the ActiDiet Program, you will not only lose weight, but also help to re-educate yourself in portion sizes and food choices.

Fat Burning – Ketosis

Ketosis is a natural process through which your body turns to fat as its primary energy source as opposed to carbohydrate.

To enter Ketosis you must first deplete your glycogen stores derived from carbs. Both ActiDiet VLCD and LCD are designed to ensure you enter ketosis within your first week (for most people it actually takes just 4 days).

This is achieved by ensuring your daily carbohydrate intake is kept below approximately 80g per day. Don’t worry, on VLCD this is all taken care of for you, all you have to worry about is having your 4 sachets. On LCD we have guidelines for your 4th meal to help you stay within the 80g too.
The benefits of being in ketosis are:

  • Fast weight loss
  • Less hunger
  • Less cravings
  • More energy

Following ActiDiet VLCD and or LCD ensures you enter ketosis, in a calorie controlled format whilst at the same time giving you all of your RDAs, a good source of protein, low fat intake and regular meals.

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