How it Works

ActiDiet allows you to lose weight through a completely natural process. While ActiDieting you will consume fewer calories than your body requires, creating a calorie deficit. Once your body has used up its energy reserves of glycogen it starts to burn fats from it's fat stores. After 2-4 days your body will enter a natural state called Ketosis  and will use it’s fat stores to produce energy, resulting in fast, natural weight loss.

To stay in ketosis you should follow the program as directed.

If you are following ActiDiet VLCD 4 per day program you will stay in ketosis.

If you are following ActiDiet LCD 3 per day food combination program you should make sure you stick to high protein, low carbohydrate food choices available on our ‘Food List’. A rough guide for remaining in ketosis is to stay below 80g of Carbohydrate a day.

You can check that you are in ketosis using urine analysis sticks that you can buy from the chemist. Some people expel more ketones (the by-product of ketosis) in their breath and others in their urine, which could result in someone being heavily in ketosis but the reading not showing many ketones being expelled in their urine.

Your biggest loss will probably be your first week. It is important to remember this is mainly water, not fat. Once the glycogen stores are depleted you will go into ketosis so you will then be losing fat & your journey has truly begun.

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