What is it?

On this plan you just replace one conventional meal per day with an ActiDiet meal if and when you need to in order to maintain your target weight.

Your aim now is to concentrate on keeping your weight stable and not putting those pounds back on. Gradually re-introduce different types of foods, so that you do not gain any weight. You usually do this for two weeks, or until your weight is stable.

After this point, you will know the calorie level that you need to maintain your new weight or how you need to adjust your food intake to suit your requirements.

As an ActiDieter, we are here to help you maintain a stable weight. You will have permanent access to our consultants group sessions, one to ones & our support group when you need a little extra support, encouragement or advice. Remember, all of these facilities are completely free of charge, so don't be shy to come back or participate whenever you wish.

This plan is ideal for anyone already at their ideal weight and wants a little extra help to maintain their weight simply and easily.

The Meals

How do I do it?

ActiDiet Maintenance is easy. Simply replace one conventional meal a day with an ActiDiet sachet if and when you need to in order to maintain your weight.

Continue to keep your fluid levels up drinking at least 1.5 litres per day.

You can also continue to use ActiDiet treats e.g. SOS bars and Actidiet jelly to help bridge the gap between mealtimes. They are a low calorie, low carb option and, along with the once a day meal replacement.