Flexi LCD (Low Calorie Diet)

What is it?

ActiDiet Flexi LCD (Low Calorie Diet) is similar to ActiDiet Total VLCD, with added flexibility and a slightly larger 4th meal.

This plan consists of 3 ActiDiet sachets + a healthy home cooked meal or an ActiDiet LCD ready meal + 2.5 3 litres of water per day.

Again similarly to ActiDiet Total VLCD, in following this plan you will consume under 80g of carbohydrate per day and therefore will experience the benefits of Ketosis too. This energy system known as Ketosis effectively makes your body target fat form energy rather than relying on carbohydrate from food. This not only makes for fast results but also suppresses hunger as well as cravings and in many cases boosts energy levels, therefore making a diet of this calorie intake much easier to stick to.

On this plan you will consume approximately 850 calories per day. This means you can expect fast losses on this plan although slightly slower than if you followed VLCD. However, by allowing more flexibility, this plan can sometimes be easier to stick to, and yield better long-term results for those who find VLCD just that little bit too structured or restrictive for their lifestyle.

Finally, if you are on a longer-term journey, LCD is a very good way of progressively tapering yourself off the diet having got near your target weight on VLCD, before moving on to LCD 1000, LCD 1200 and then Weight Maintenance.

Dieters looking for:

More flexibility than VLCD
Less of a strict deadline to lose weight.
A plan where they can still enjoy cooking
A plan to taper off the diet when nearing target weight
A week off from VLCD
A plan to compliment more active lifestyles.

The Meals

How do I do it?

Choose from any 3 ActiDiet sachets of your choice, each day. All meals are best spread out evenly. As a general rule, try to arrange your meals times so as never to exceed 6 hours without food.

Drink 2.5-3 litres of water throughout each day.

In addition, choose from either a home cooked meal (guidelines below) or an ActiDiet LCD Ready Meal as your 4th meal.

LCD 4th meal Guidelines: Your 4th meal should be a meal of under 300 calories, prepared with one ingredient from each of the two tables below, cooked healthily e.g. boiled, grilled poached etc.

A little extra for those hungry days

You may also find our Jellies & Snack Bars useful for when you feel need something extra, without compromising results.

To boost your losses

Add a supplement to help suppress your hunger or speed up your weight loss from our range of Nutriceuticals.